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Publication d'un article dans Molecular Ecology Resources

Published by Stéphane Garnier - 29-01-2017

Despite their lower polymorphism, microsatellites (SSRs) developed from expressed sequence tags (EST-SSRs) have a higher power to detect weak genetic structure compared to genomic SSRs.

This study compares relative performances of two categories of microsatellites (microsatellites developed from expressed sequence tags (EST-SSRs) and genomic microsatellites) in detecting genetic differentiation in three bird species from the Lesser Antilles that have contrasted levels of genetic structure. It shows that these relative performances depend on the level of differentiation that is looked for. The most surprising result is the higher power of EST-SSRs than genomic microsatellites to detect a weak genetic structure, despite their lower level of allelic variability. This result challenges the common practice consisting in choosing the most polymorphic loci to study population genetic structure. This study also attests that EST-SSRs are valuable molecular markers for conservation genetic studies, particularly in species where development of specific genomic microsatellites remains delicate. This study has just been published in Molecular Ecology Resources (see Project/Results section).

Publication reference: Khimoun A, Ollivier A, Faivre B, Garnier S (2016) Level of genetic differentiation affects relative performances of expressed sequence tag and genomic SSRs. Molecular Ecology Resources, in press.